In due course, we hope that the term 7.4 will come to be used as shorthand for 'a very accomplished medico-marketing agency run by a talented bunch of nice people'. In the meantime, however, we know that most people will recognize 7.4 as being one of the most significant numbers in biology - physiological pH.

So, why select 7.4 as a name for a medico-marketing business? Well, it implies balance which, we all agree, is a key feature for a professional medical communications agency. It also provides us with an opportunity to talk about the significant things that happen at 7.4 - whether it's the development of a new organism or creation of a new brand strategy.

In fact, 7.4 is such a significant number that you could write an essay on the subject. But in case you don't have time, we asked leading science author Dr Nick Lane to do it for you.